St. Aidan’s Christian School’s North End campus is located within the walls of Inner City Youth Alive, at 418 Aberdeen Ave. and accepts students from grades 6 – 11. Our small school space creates a comfortable and safe environment for the students who have struggled in larger educational settings. The staff are diligent in assessing the students’ needs and tailor their teaching accordingly. Grade 9 and 10 students are given the opportunity to continue their credit work from year to year, rather than repeating units they’ve already completed.

The staff are respectful of and highly trained for the challenges that impact families in the North End. We offer Hope to our students as we teach the Manitoba Curriculum with a Christ centered approach.

Carla Reimer



Aberdeen Campus

Jennifer Werner – Grade 9-11 teacher

Mona Sobkowich – Grade 5-8 teacher

Victoria Dugay  – Grade 9-11 teacher 

Rich Mittermuller – Educational Assistant

Annie Hollander – Educational Assistant

John Vasili – Educational Assistant

Nick Mullen – Music teacher

Barbara Batulla – Art teacher

Ashleigh Braun – Administrative Assistant

 Heidi McCarthy – Bookkeeper