Welcome to St. Aidan's Christian School

Making a difference in the education of youth in the inner city of Winnipeg Canada

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St. Aidan’s Christian School is a school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We work with students on 2 campuses: 418 Aberdeen Ave (Out of Inner City Youth Alive) and Calvary Temple (3rd Floor). Our Calvary Temple (CT) Campus principally serves a student population new to the English language, ages 4-21. Our Aberdeen (AB) Campus is a Grade 6-10 school, emphasizing reading, writing, and math for students who grew up speaking English.

We are Manitoba accredited, using the Manitoba curriculum,
taught by Manitoba certified teachers.

We are primarily focused on newcomer and aboriginal students. Our newcomer students come from countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and Columbia. We emphasize reading, writing and math in a Christian setting, and we would love to have you partner with us in this life-changing work.