Welcome to St. Aidan's Christian School

Making a difference in the education of at risk youth in the inner city of Winnipeg Canada

St. Aidan’s Christian School is a school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We work with students on 2 campuses: 418 Aberdeen Ave (Out of Inner City Youth Alive) and Calvary Temple (3rd Floor). Our Calvary Temple (CT) Campus principally serves a student population new to the English language, ages 5-19. Our main Aberdeen (AB) Campus is a Grade 6-10 school, emphasizing reading, writing, and math for kids who already speak English.

We are Manitoba accredited, using the Manitoba curriculum,
taught by Manitoba certified teachers.

We are primarily focused on at-risk kids, and we are presently serving kids from about ten nations – Cree, Tanzania, Metis, Kaska, Canada, Eritrea, Congo, Ojibway, Ethiopia, Burundi. We emphasize reading, writing and math in a Christian setting, and we’d loved to have you partner with us in this life-changing work.