About Us

St. Aidan’s Christian School is a school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with two Campuses. Our Hargrave Campus principally serves a student population new to the English language, ages 4-21. Our Aberdeen (AB) Campus is a Grade 6-10 school, emphasizing reading, writing, and math for kids who already speak English.

Our vision is to create a caring Christian school community in Winnipeg Centre and the North End.

CHVN Interview:

We were founded by St. Aidan’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg. Saint Aidan was a Irish born saint who died in 651 – a missionary priest. You can read more about him here.

We are a Christian school. Someone asked why we keep “Christian” in our name – that maybe we’d get more donations, more support if we obscured that part of our name. We see no need to apologize for this since no institution is morally neutral. We teach the Bible, about the love of God for us in Jesus, and about forgiveness of sins and peace with God given freely by Jesus in his innocent suffering and death, and his resurrection. We teach respect for God, for each other, for ourselves, and creation. We teach respect for those in authority. We learn about asking for forgiveness, and about giving forgiveness.  We learn to respect our differences and our similarities. We pray with and for our kids. We sing songs at chapel.

We are a School. We are a funded independent school, one of about 60 in Manitoba. We follow the Manitoba curriculum, employing Manitoba-certified teachers. We teach Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Gym, Art, Computers, Typing, Industrial Arts and Home Ec. We go swimming. We learn dance and rock climbing. We learn about Canadian culture. We go on field trips to a farm outside of Winnipeg, to get out of town and learn about the world around us. Some years, our senior students sometimes travel to Mexico to build houses for the less fortunate.

Since many of our students are working below grade level, we focus on basic literacy and numeracy in a Christian setting. At both our  Aberdeen and Hargrave Campuses, we have a free breakfast and lunch program so we can help address the needs of the whole child – body, mind, and spirit.

Fall 2012 237Usually schools simply push lagging students along with their age group, despite deficiencies in reading and math. Normally, we first learn to read, and then we read to learn, but if you can’t read and do math, you aren’t going to do well in school. You’re in danger of dropping out of school. The grades at which students typically drop out of school is Grades 6 – 10, the grades we focus on at our Aberdeen Campus. Then what?

Youth who drop out of school are at risk for gang life, substance abuse, prison, unemployment, abuse, and sexual exploitation. There are many gangs active in Winnipeg who feed on the young lives who have no hope and no future because they have dropped out of school.  We want more for these young lives than crack addiction, jail time, or the misery of prostitution.  We want them to know the love of God in Jesus, know how to read and do math, and know that their lives can be so much more, with a world of vocational opportunities out there.  We want our kids to be Jesus’ agents of change in their communities.

6914744_origAt Saint Aidan’s Christian School, we are primarily focused on newcomers and aboriginal students. Our newcomer students come from several countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Columbia. We emphasize reading, writing and math in a Christian setting, and we would love to have you partner with us in this life-changing work. Pray for us. Volunteer to come in and help a student learn the 5 times table, or have a student read Hop on Pop to you. Give some of what God has given you – money, time, possessions. See creative and redeeming change. The lives that get changed? Oh, it’s the kids, of course, but partner with us and see your own worldview widen and your own life changed.

Our Aberdeen Campus is at 418 Aberdeen Avenue in the North End. We partner with Inner City Youth Alive and use the second floor of their wonderful facility, as well as their dining room and gym. ICYA staff help us by supervising our kids at lunch time. We also encourage our students to attend their after-school drop in programs.

Our second campus is located in the education building at Calvary Temple, 400 Hargrave Street 3rd floor. Calvary Temple congregation graciously allows us to use part of their education space. We also have a classroom on Notre Dame Ave. which has our Jr. K and K students.