Code Of Conduct

We teach and encourage our students to show respect for people, property, and the school’s principles.

Respect for people means things such as:

  1. Following the directions of the staff (teachers, counselor, EA’s)
  2. Being sensitive to others’ personal space and feelings
  3. Encouraging others and building them up

Respect for property means things such as:

  1. Using school property carefully as it was intended to be used (chairs, couches, sports equipment)
  2. Help keeping the school clean & maintained

Respect for the school’s principles includes things such as:

  1. Obeying the school rules
  2. Acting appropriately in chapel
  3. Solving conflicts peacefully through discussion (no physical violence)
  4. Using words appropriately (no swearing, putting others down or bullying)

To be successful at St. Aidan’s, you need to:

  1. Show up each day and on time for school
  2. Be ready to learn (having adequate rest, exercise & nutrition)
  3. Maintain a positive attitude (even when things are difficult)